Vidtoon Review 2022: Features Pricing Bonus & OTO’s

Still not using brand videos for promoting your business? Or not sure why video marketing matters?
This popular tactic has a ton of bonuses, from increasing traffic to growing revenue and boost your conversions.

Not Producing Quality Videos Means Your Business Dying a Slow Death

Now the time images are not enough to grab the attention of your audience. If you are posting static images, then this will not be going to help you.

According to Aberdeen Group’s research, marketers who use video are growing company revenue 49% faster year-over-year than those who don’t.

Video content has the potential to drive excellent user engagement. The chances are that your user might play and run into a 1-minute video but might not have that much patience to read your 100-word blog page.

The exciting part is here: 60% of the total audience enjoys watching animated videos because these videos work more as powerful attention grabbers.

We know you want your customers to stick on and want them to know more about your business. Graphics and effective animated videos can help you because graphics impact the human brain more. We might forget things we learn but tend to remember the things we watch.

But hold, Do you have any creative animation skills?
If not, that’s all fine; you don’t require any and don’t even need to hire those money-sucking professionals to create your brand video. But you can make it on your own and even don’t have much to spend. These animated videos will help you to increase your brand awareness faster.

That’s why we are reviewing Vidtoon to help you with the detailed uses of software before using it.

Buy from There Official Website

VidToon Review – Overview


Originator: Cindy Donovan

Product:  Vidtoon

Vidtoon Lite: $19.97

Vidtoon Pro: $27

Date Of Launch: 2020-Apr-20

Launch Time:  9:00 EDT

Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Recommendation: Highly Recommended

Niche: General  

Some Greate Features:

25 Animated Character 

30 Animation & Transition 

34 HD Backgrounds

Video Length: Unlimited

Videos Limit: Unlimited

Operating System: Mac & PC

Official Website:


Viral your simple content with animated videos and get the attention of your audience. This is going to work for your brand; read more how:-


What is Vidtoon?

Vidtoon is an easy drag and drops animated video-making software that creates professional animated videos and will engage your potential customers to inspire and take action toward your Website without spending much time and money.

Get Instant Access To Vidtoon 2.0

Vidtoon 30 Days Refund Guarantee

 It also offers you a 100% 30 days money-back guarantee, you can stop the plan anytime you want in case you are not satisfied with the services, but I don’t think that you will ever be going to need this option because of its fantastic features and potential; let’s see how well it will work for you. 


You might be thinking, Does It will Going To Work For Your Kind Of Business.


Of course!


Animated Videos Works Great For:-


Digital Marketer

Affiliate Marketer

Ecommerce Store

Social Media Marketer


Youtube Channel Owner

Local Consultant

And much more business owners who want to present themselves on the internet. Isn’t it great? 


About The Author: 

Cindy Donovan is the creator of Vidtoon, She is one of the inspirations for all. Cindy is the top affiliate vendors of JVZoo, and known for Top Selling Products such as:

  • ShopABot
  • Covert Commissions
  • SociJam
  • WP Scope, and
  • Viral Loop 

She is a famous software developer and also specialized in digital marketing. She has created over 100 pieces of software and over 40,500 product sales to her name. 

So you must try her product and you will never be going to regret it. Let’s see some awesome features of the vidtoon and let me make your choice easy.


 Vidtoon Features: 


No Video Limit: 

With vidtoon, you can create videos as much as you want without any video length restriction. Use ready-to-use animation with a click, add animated character, write anything, drag and drop background, and save. Literally, that’s all you need to do with Vidtoon for creating your animated brand videos. 


Intro & Outro Animation:

Create the best intro and outro animations that will add an attractive brand signature to your video. Choose left, right up, zoom in – zoom out transitions with just a single click. 


25 Animated Character:

You will get to use real-looking 25 animated characters with 30 eyes pooping Animation & Transition to change the video’s whole look. Add zoom panning or any text changing font, color, and size, drag and drop them exactly where you like.  


34 High Definition Backgrounds:

Vidtoon allows you to access 34 high-definition Backgrounds. This way, you will get a different feel and look every time you create a new video. This feature will make your video unique and even help you to get rid of that boring white background. 


Create Custom Videos:

You can make custom videos by importing your own images, GIFs, Backgrounds, Music and can create closely related videos to your brand, which defines you. 


Royalty-Free Library:

Vidtoon allows you to access the inbuild royalty-free library where you can use many high definition images, 200 plus music tracks, and cool elements with perfect pixel positioning, which lets you put any object exactly where you want them on screen. This way, it will make a level of videos that will go viral and help your brand known in front of your audience. 


Text to Speech Feature from Microsoft and Google:

The software uses the Google and Microsoft text to speech feature; in case you don’t want to use your voice, simply convert your text into speech with Google and Microsoft software and use it in your background video voice. 

This way, you can make a high-converting animation video and stand out in the crowd. There are not even huge server charges. Just one download and you are good to go. 



Vidtoon uses more than 250 graphics that will add more value to your videos and significantly affect users in many ways. These graphics play a large role in your animated video. 



If you are busy with your things and don’t have time to finish the video then you can simply save it. You don’t have to worry about your edited video, your data will be saved and you can continue editing from that at any time you want. 



This will take like a minute, you just need to enter your video name and simply click on export. This will just take few moments and you will have your sample of art. 


How to Use Vidtoon Video Editing Software?


Vidtoon is desktop application software that can be used without an internet connection, which is its best part. You just need to purchase this software and download Vidtoon then you can start using it on your desktop. 

How amazing it is you can use it anytime, anywhere and create amazing video content. 


Let’s take a look at its easy steps to access this:-


  1. Open this software on your PC & laptop.
  2. Add intro for your video with just a click.
  3. Add any character of your choice.
  4. Add high definition background
  5. Add an image from its royalty-free library.
  6. Add any music track of your choice, this is also available at its royalty-free library.
  7. Add signature graphics.
  8. Add wonderful outro available out there.
  9. With just a click save it for future use.
  10. Add your video title and click on the export button and post your piece of video content on all platforms and gain your audience’s precious attention this will cover a large audience which directly helps you to increase your sales and your motive of being on the internet will be fulfilled… 


VidToon Pricing Plan: 

To unlock the power of vidtoon and do the magic with your brand, you just need to spend some amount that will be going to benefit your brand double. Don’t worry it is not that huge and by the way, till now you will be must know that it will totally worth paying 🙂

Vidtoon have 2 pricing plan :


  • VidToon Lite (Personal License): $19.97
  • VidToon Pro (Commercial License): $27

Vidtoon is the most extensive animated video editor that exists! You can subscribe to any of these two plans and also get 30 days guaranteed money-back guarantee in case you don’t like the software. Well, I don’t think that you will need this because you are going to love it. 🙂 


Videtoon Lite: $19.97


If you want to use vidtoon for your personal use then you can subscribe to vidtoon lite where you will get a limit of 10 animated characters, 10 royalty-free music tracks, 9 high definition backgrounds, and text to speech feature with the record and import audio facility at the cost of $19.97. With this version, you can install it on only 1 computer. 


Let’s check what you get with the pro version of it;



VidToon Pro : $27

 VidToon Pro can be used for a commercial purpose and it has some additional features. With just spending an extra $7 you will get some special access to the software.  

You will get 25 animated characters, 34 animations per character, 200 royalty-free music tracks, 34 high definition backgrounds, an export video facility with no added fee, text to speech feature with the record and import audio facility, Free vidtoon commercial license upgrade, and free Ten days of giveaways at just $27. One more thing you can install it on up to 10 computers. 


So don’t you think you will get many benefits by spending an extra $7 and you can use the vidtoon at your best and do as much as crazy things with this. 



VidToon OTO’s:


Let’s add some more features to your vidtoon.


If you don’t want yourself to limit the access of vidtoon so you can see what extra features you will be going to see with this.



OTO 1: VidToon Pro + Reseller $67

This will provide you: 

  • +100 Animated Characters. (Male-Female)
  • +2,000 Music Tracks.
  • 15k+ Vector Graphics + icons
  • All your clients will have access to vidtoon
  • 250 Account License With best sales material For quick conversions.
  • Create accounts for your clients from your own dashboard with just 1 Click.
  • Best support for all your clients. 



OTO 2: VidToon Job Finder Software ($47 one-time)

Vidtoon job finder software allows you to find unlimited high-paying clients to sell your 2d video content and any other service that you want to sell and outsource your work to your clients from worldwide top job portals.

  • Get unlimited paying clients from different platforms like PeoplePerHour, Craigslist, Freelancer, Project4Hire, and Guru.
  • Use job finder to resale your 2d videos and also you can promote any other service like logo design and web. 
  • Use the platform to do arbitrage using Fiverr or any other micro job website.


OTO 3: VidToon Job Finder Reseller $67

The job finder software brings you to higher-paying clients. This way you can contact them and do content writing, content proofread, create an animated video, web designing, logo design, SEO on-page, off-page task, or any other work of your choice from the comfort of your home. 

  • Get unlimited paying clients from 5 different worldwide Job websites.
  • Use Job Finder to Reseller 2D videos and also promote any of your other services: Logo design, web…
  • Use the platform to do arbitrage using Fiverr or any other micro job website.



OTO 4: VidToon Software Source Code $497

This offers two benefits in one for advanced users. You can customize, create, and sell at one. 

  • Vidtoon offers software source code which is huge in itself and you can make an even more huge collection of videos and double your traffic. 
  • No limits on sell and recreate the videos.



You know you can grab more traffic with video than any other trick, so why are you not using it.?


When you know that you can increase your brand awareness much faster with animated videos and if you are still not using it, reasons can be few, Like:

You don’t have the required skills to create real-looking videos like me 🙂 or don’t want to use those heavy software that requires much time to render a single video. Vidtoon will going to end all these reasons and will give you a platform where you can create your content and spread it all over the world.


Get The Latest Deal

Getting a Single Animated Video can Effect your Bank

Animated Video Price

If you research google for any animated software, you might get something like; $220 for an animated video or $100 for an animated video. 

If you spend like $95 for a 15-second video, that means you will have to pay approx $380 for a single 1-minute video. I know this will felt you like crazy and you must have thinking you are okay without these soul-sucking pricey videos. 


That’s why we are here to help you with; you just need to spend $27 only and get special access to the premium version of the software where you can make unlimited videos with using many animated characters from their royalty-free gallery and a custom feature to create your custom brand video. This way, your videos will interact more with your possible audience and will get you exceptional profits in your business. You can even use vidtoon for commercial purposes to create and sell your videos and get incredible earnings. 


I think you must give it a try because, of course, it is worth your money. 

Get Instant Access To Vidtoon 2.0

Do comment on what you feel about this software and what else you think this should include.

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  1. I read your post comprehensively and it seems very informative & will be helpful for those video editors who are looking for a good video animator or editing software under the budget. I am also an animator and tried multiple softwares for many personal projects. The review of Vidtoon is impressive cum affordable, planning to go with Vidtoon.

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